All good things must come to an end

Our tenants were due to vacate the house at the end of February and we had taken up an offer by our lovely friend Sue to live in her fully furnished downstairs flat for 5 weeks.  While we were still at Maurie’s, our letting agents told us that the tenants had found a new rental and we could move back home on Friday the 19th January.  School started back on the 17th so this suited us perfectly.

We decided to camp up for two days at Baden Powell Park in Samford.  It was a bit strange starting back at work and still being in the campervan.  I think Winston was trying to process being back on familiar territory and seeing familiar faces.

Thursday night we camped up in our back garden, ready for Jonathan to do the handover with the real estate agents Friday morning.

so close!

We opened up the shed doors with some trepidation, wondering whether critters might have got in and ruined some of our belongings but everything was in perfect condition.  Jonathan spotted a snake in the bushes which might have kept the rats and mice away thankfully.

It was good to see that while I was at work, the boys were prioritising the important things to unpack.  Winston was almost hyperventilating at the sight of all the toys he’d left behind.


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