A Heatwave

Unfortunately there was a heatwave predicted on the route across to the coast from Canberra for the next few days.  It was too far to get to the coast in one drive and we stopped halfway at Richmond.  The heat was tremendous and nearby Penrith reached 42 degrees.  We collapsed in the van with the airconditioning on full blast.

By 9am the next morning, it was already unbearably hot again.  Even driving in the van with the aircon on wasn’t keeping us cool.  Winston was pleased to have a dip in the river at Bulahdelah en route and even more pleased to discover at the end of the day that we were at the beach at North Haven.

Jonathan’s eyes lit up when he saw the oyster beds but disastrously for him and the oyster farmers, there had been a sewage leak into the river and the farms wouldn’t be able to reopen until after Christmas.

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